Plan for the Work Week ✨

🙂 Beating the Monday blues!

I created this template and it has now become a habit to fill it in! It has helped me to feel more in control of my work and less anxious about getting into work after the weekend !

What you will find:

  1. Reflection section to get your started
  2. Prioritisation matrix to help you prioritise your weeks' tasks
  3. Space to enter top 3 priorities & other tasks that are not urgent but important to do. You will have space to enter this for each day of your Work Week
  4. A notes section to enter in your reflections or tasks for the following week

How to use it:

  • Its best to use this at the end or beginning of a work week (Best practice: block 15-30 mins in your calendar on a Friday evening or Monday morning to get started)
  • Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in order to get the best out of the template :)
  • If new tasks come up during the week (which happens more often, than not), you will have to re-prioritise, and this template will help you figure that out at a glance
  • Replicate the template for the following week, and repeat the practice if it works for you!


This tool has worked well for me and other professionals that I've shared it with. It helped us in taking a moment to reflect and prioritise our workload better. It also worked well as a tool to boost productivity.

So, if it doesn't work perfectly for you, feel free to modify it in a way that suits you best :)

I want this!

You will find a Pdf downloadable template to start using right away to plan your work week. This also includes a filled in sample to help you get started!

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Plan for the Work Week ✨

I want this!